Section 12B of the Income Tax Acts!

Section 12B Allowance for renewable energy: How does the allowance work? Section 12B(1) and (2) of the Income Tax Act provides for a 50/30/20 income tax deduction in respect of certain machinery or plant owned by the taxpayer and which was or is brought into use for the first time by that taxpayer, for the […]

Marley PV Solar Roof Tile System!

A stylish and revolutionary integrated solar solution that perfectly interlocks with Marley’s Modern Concrete Tile, whilst providing unparalleled efficiency and an elegant alternative to conventional solar panels to suit any complex roof design and circumstance. Production Description:The Marley SolteQ Integrated PV Solar Tile is a flat double interlocking profile with six integrated photo voltaic cells. […]

Lithium-ion Batteries!

What is a lithium-ion battery? A lithium-ion battery or Li-ion battery is a type of rechargeable battery composed of cells in which lithium ions move from the negative electrode through an electrolyte to the positive electrode during discharge and back when charging.Li-ion cells use an intercalated lithium compound as the material at the positive electrode […]

Small-scale embedded generation!

SSEG Small-scale embedded generation! What is solar PV (Photovoltaics) or solar electricity? Photovoltaics (PV) could literally be translated as light-electricity. That’s just what photovoltaic materials and devices do, they convert light energy to electricity. PV generated electricity is a renewable energy source and can be used to save on normal grid electricity consumption OR to […]

3 kW UPS System with 4.8 kWh Lithium Battery Backup

The Portable 3 kW UPS cabinet is versatile and compact, it can be weird into your exciting DB Board and does have built in plug sockets if one wants to use the power directly. The Cabinet consist of the Following: Victron MultiPlus II  48/3000  (3 kW Inverter) Victron Venus GX Pylon Tech US 2000 Plus […]

5 kW Battery Backup System

The Following Equipment was used in this installation: x1     Victron MultiPlus 48/5000 (5kW) Inverter x1     Victron MPPT 150/70 Charge Controller x1     Victron BMV 700 (Battery Monitor System) x12   Peimar 330W Solar Panels x1     Revov 10.2 kWh  Lithium Battery We Helped this research farmer to stay productive in times when Eskom couldn’t and […]

8 kW Battery Backup System

The Following Equipment was installed in march 2019 at the Dana Bay Veterinary Clinic x1  Victron Quattro 48/8000 ( 8kW )  Inverter x2 Victron MPPT 150/70 Charge Controllers x1 Victron BMV 700 x21 Peimar 330 W Solar Panels x1 Revov 10.2 kWh Lithium Battery with (BMS) Battery Monitor System Helping the vet operate in times […]

8 kW Hybrid System

8 kW Hybrid System Equipment used: Victron Quattro 48/8000 (8kW) Inverter Victron Venus GX Victron Smart Solar MPPT Charge Controller 250/100- Tr Victron Battery Monitor BMV 700 Canadian Solar 330W Panels (x16) Revov 10.2 kWh Lithuim Battery Maglev Vertical Axis Wind Turbine 2 kW ( WKV 2000)