FAW Generators

FAW Generators

When you need a diesel generator for home,business, or industrial use, these are the perfect fit for the budget conscious consumer.

FAW generator engines are reliable and are quickly becoming a popular brand in generators. It is one of most cost effective diesel generators when it comes to the smaller 13kva-55kva generators.

These are the few FAW generators that we can supply.

  • FAW 4DW81-23D 13kVA Single phase
  • FAW 4DW81-23D 16kVA Three phase
  • FAW 4DW91-29D 22kVA Single phase
  • FAW 4DW91-29D 22kVA Supe silent single phase
  • FAW 4DW91-29D 25kVA Three phase
  • FAW 4DW91-29D 25kVA Super silent single phase
  • FAW 4DX21-45D 40kVA Three phase
  • FAW 4DX22-65D 55kVA Three phase
  • FAW 4DX23-78D 60kVA Three phase

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