Marley PV Solar Roof Tile System!

Marley PV Solar Roof Tile System!

A stylish and revolutionary integrated solar solution that perfectly interlocks with Marley’s Modern Concrete Tile, whilst providing unparalleled efficiency and an elegant alternative to conventional solar panels to suit any complex roof design and circumstance.

Production Description:
The Marley SolteQ Integrated PV Solar Tile is a flat double interlocking profile with six integrated photo voltaic cells. This PV tile can only be installed with the Marley Modern Flat Interlocking concrete tile, to produce stylish integrate solar roofing solution.

Why consider the Marley SolteQ PV Solar System?

Maximum and efficient use of roof space:
When compared to conventional solar panels – the Marley SolteQ PV Tile System is much more effective for complex roof designs where the available roof space does not allow for the installation of conventional solar panels e.g. Roof with multiple dormers, hips and valleys. As an example, a 5kW solar system may produce enough energy to power your home, but you may not have enough roof space for a system of that size. Solar panels for households typically come in standard dimensions of 1.80m x 1.00m, that’s around 1.7m2 for every panel installed. However, the wattage output (W) of the panels will likely vary between 250W and 330W for a more efficient module. As a guide, you’ll need 4x250W panels, or 3x330W for every 1kW of your solar system. If you’re considering a 5kW system, that’s between 15 and 20 solar panels that will require anywhere between 25.5-34m2

Of roof space.

To produce the equivalent power output using the Marley SolteQ PV Tiles, you will need more or less the same roof space, though the difference is that the full roof area can be used.

The optimal power generation of the Marley SolteQ PV Tile in low-light conditions are between 2%-10% more efficient when compared to a standard PV-Solution.

The Marley SolteQ PV Tile is weather proofed against extreme weather condition:

  • The high quality toughened glass is impervious to cracking as a result of frost damage and meets the requirements of the swiss hail protection class 3 standard. As a result the glass can withstand the most severe hail storms.

  • 100% Water and rainproof system.

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Written by Reinhard Groenewald