Volvo Generators

Volvo Generators

With Volvo Penta Generators for standby power, you’ll have reliable start-ability and dependable power where and when you need it most.

Whether it’s for backup or primary power, Volvo Penta commercial and industrial generators run at full capacity. They insure a low cost of ownership thanks to their fuel efficiency, durability, platform commonality and more. Volvo has more than a century of engineering experience to deliver a total solution you can count on.

The products we supply:

  • Volvo 220kVA GKV-220 3 Phase
  • Volvo 265kVA GKV-265 3 Phase
  • Volvo 330kVA GKV-330 3 Phase
  • Volvo 385kVA GKV-385 3 Phase
  • Volvo 440kVA GKV-440 3 Phase
  • Volvo 500kVA GKV-500 3 Phase
  • Volvo 550kVA GKV-550 3 Phase
  • Volvo 650kVA GKV-650 3 Phase
  • Volvo 700kVA GKV-700 3 Phase
  • Volvo 770kVA GKV-770 3 Phase

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Volvo Penta generators
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