30 Kwp Solar Battery Backup System at Mossel Bay Municipality

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30 kWp Solar Battery Backup System at Mossel Bay Municipality.

Mossel Bay Municipality in the Southern Cape province of South Africa has eliminated the carbon footprint of its Technical Services Department buildings by deploying ZBM2 batteries from Redflow.

Installed in late 2016, the four 10 kilowatt-hours (kWh) zinc-bromine flow batteries have enabled the aging offices to become net exporters of electricity to the power grid through the intelligent storage of energy harvested from 114 rooftop photovoltaic solar panels.  This has effectively made these two buildings carbon neutral and provided a model for how this energy storage technology can be used elsewhere in the community.

Project Overview

  • Location: Mossel Bay,  Southern Cape,  South Africa
  • ZBM2 installation partner: E-Power Technologies
  • Storage: Four ZBM2 zinc – bromine flow batteries,  holding 40 kilowatt-hours of energy
  • Inverters: Three Victron Quattro 48/10000 battery inverters and seven Victron MPPT solar charge controllers
  • Solar: 114 solar panels in seven strings (20kWp)
  • ZBM2 batteries store energy generated by solar panels for later self-consumption
  • ZBM2 batteries enable Mossel Bay Municipality office to become a net exporter of energy
  • ZBM2 batteries are environmentally clean products that can be installed within a building
  • ZBM2 batteries deliver 100 percent depth of discharge daily
  • ZBM2 batteries store 10 kWh each of energy throughout their operating life.